All throughout Cambodia, it has always been a debate whether to send a child in a public school or to one of the best private schools in the country. There are some basic differences between them but the most obvious is the cost. Education is always the priority in most families, if not all. Spending cash on a child’s education is something some families won’t consider doing. But as any parent would know, it’s not always easy to decide. They will always try to dig deeper and know the difference and make it work for their child’s advantage. Sending a child to the best international school in Cambodia would mean that the child has a better chance of succeeding in the future.

Here are things you may want to consider when deciding to send your kid to one of the best private schools:

Small Community Atmosphere

It’s having a small class sizes that gives a chance to have better focus. They are not easily lost in the noise of other students around. A lower teacher-to-student ratio allows the kids to have better relational skills that enable them to act well in individual and group activities. The teacher can assess each student more because he or she will have more time to spend with each student in class.


In a public school system, students will always have the same competency exams which the school needs to rate well in order to be in the top list and receive better funding. Whilst in the best private schools around Cambodia, they generate their own funding which typically comes from tuition and other sources. With that being said, students in private schools learn things at their own pace. They learn to apply it in the real world, not just to pass the test.


We all want to have better rounded individuals in the society. It’s also important for parents to check what types of activities the school offers to students to enhance their talents. Aside from academics, parents need to choose a school that gives importance to other enhancements like developing kids to be good at the Arts and sports, among others.

Boarding School or Day School

It has always been an argument whether to send a child to a regular day school where parents can supervise the child’s development or to send the child to a boarding school. The answer is often simple, by clearly evaluating the child’s needs and the family’s need and capability. It’s also true that boarding schools may cost more depending on boarding costs and others.

The best private schools available have a very good track record of producing refined individuals who are responsible citizens. Sending your child to one of them may be the best gift you could give them in this lifetime.

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