How to do it? Here are the useful tips I’ve summarized:

The first thing is, DEFINE your Brand.

Making Goals

You’ve got to know some ideas to achieve your goals, so that you always stay focus on it and do not lose the direction while doing the details. In other words, you should have the big picture first and do the important specific elements afterwards.

Targeting Audience

Never ever miss the target, which is Audience. The way you present your brand will determine the audience’s responses. Taking a stand for USP / Unique Selling Proposition. USP talks about something that differentiates your brand from the rest.

Showing Visual Identity

The noticeable brand will easily be remembered. It is including the choice of the colors and logo. It should be closely related with the product you sell.

The second one, CREATE your Website.

What is on it?


Write your background, education, and achievement so that the clients feel confident to trust their projects to you.


This is very crucial to gain trust from your next clients. The tendency is they will read the feedback from your previous clients. It will be perfect if the clients put their photographs for the authenticity and the links to their websites.


The weblog you maintain can identify that you are update. Feed the visitors of your websites with something knowledgeable and thought provoking; they will appreciate it very much and besides, it can build your credibility. You may write any topics in your blog. Be generous to share up-to-date stories, self-help tips, and useful inputs.

And last but not least, UTILIZE your Networks to build foundation.

In this era, Social Media is very popular and grows so fast. You can promote yourself or just take it as a pleasure. Social Media is very beneficial as a means of advertisement. There are many social networking services provided for free, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, so forth.

Each social networking website has its own specialty, for example, LinkedIn. It is a professional social network where you can put your CV (Curriculum Vitae) and what you have done in the past. In Twitter your followers will know your update from what you tweet (in 140 characters, just like short messages) or the links, pictures, and videos you upload.

One thing to remember is that you need to build the relationship with your followers or clients. You need to connect by helping them. Facebook has Facebook Page which you can use for business. You can get followers and you may write more than in Twitter. If you own those three free services, you can link the data to one another.

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