Cats have an exceptional place in millions of homes around the world. Most prefer cats as pets compared to other animals. Cats prove to be amazing pets as they are of various breeds, sizes, and characteristics. Cats easily adapt to different environments.

Keeping a cat as a pet is a big responsibility because it needs a lot of care and attention but in return you get a very loving camaraderie. Owning a cat also proves beneficial to your health. It keeps you away from health problems like headaches, backaches, colds & flu, insomnia, tiredness etc.

Owing a cat is also a long-term binder and hence an adult needs to take up the responsibility. Every breed is different and possesses varying traits. One needs to pick the one that would be suitable for the entire family. If you already have a pet at home and bring in a cat make sure you do it in a manner so that your older pet does not feel threatened. You need to supervise them till they adjust to each other’s company.

Cats encompass very strong killing instincts, sharp hearing and powerful vision to see even in dim light. Cats are very smart, alert and friendly creatures. They can remain happy with or without company hence they are sociable and independent too. You need to look after the cat like a baby since it needs regular feeding and vaccinations. This may turn out a bit expensive, but nevertheless there are a few insurance companies that provide insurance in case of illness or accident. A cat can live for about 15 plus years.

Read the tips for happy cats. Things to keep in mind:

Is everyone in the family ready for a new member? List of all cat related expenses like:

  • Cat food
  • Cat litter
  • Annual vaccination
  • Veterinary Costs
  • Worming & flea medication

Make arrangements for your cat when you are on a vacation.
Decide if you want a mixed breed or pure breed since each has its own pros n cons.
Decide if you want to adopt a cat or a kitten. It is a great joy to see a kitten grow into an adult cat.
Is everyone in the family ready for a new member?
Purchase a few things for your cat like a little tray, food, toys and so on. Arrange for a little place for your cat indoors like a cat bed or a cardboard box with a blanket in it.

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