Perhaps you hear the terms “Art Deco”, “Rustic” or “Victorian” when friends discuss various decorating styles, but you can’t get an idea of what these designs or rooms would look like. You can create interiors with distinct decorating styles if you follow some guidelines.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with different decorating styles, and to get a sense of what interior design style will work in your home. You need not confine yourself to one kind of decorating style for all of your rooms, but you can alter the styles and designs as you see fit. Look for distinct colors, materials and design motifs in furnishings, drapery, accessories and artwork that helps to characterize each interior design style. Consult with a professional interior designer such as the Eight design ID company in Singapore.

For example, Art Deco is a popular interior design style, especially among fans of retro interior decoration. Art Deco interiors eschews fancy and frilly decoration, and opts for streamlined interior design, including solid colors and geometric shapes. Room designs highlight more formal, glamorous decoration details in furnishings such as mirrors, glass and chrome finishes.

Rustic, or country interior decorating gives one a “downhome” feeling, and uses hardwoods, landscape colors and rustic finishes in its interior decoration. Handcrafted accents are popular decorations in any country room design scheme; an Amish pie cabinet or colorful, farm-themed stencil can add a breath of fresh air to the interior design of your room. Bolder country decorating styles may include wagon wheel coffee tables and couches made of cowhorns and cowhides.

Victorian interior decoration includes richly colored upholstery, furniture in dark cherry and mahogany, marble counter tops and a generous use of lace and trim. Elaborate floral motifs are popular in Victorian room designs, and decorating interiors often involve a trip to an antique store. Victorian interior design usually stands on its own, and cannot be easily combined with modern room styles.

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