Choosing the Best Harmonica for a Beginner

When looking at which harmonica is the Best Harmonica for Beginners it is best to take into account the following four factors:

  • What type of Harmonica
  • What Key to buy
  • What kind of comb does it have
  • What is a good price point

What type of Harmonica 

For beginners common wisdom has them starting on a 10-hole Diatonic which is used for most blues, folk music, rock and country styles of play.

metal harmonica

What Key to Buy In 

The most commonly used Key is the “C” Key and this is also the traditional one that beginners start with when learning to play harmonica. This means that there should be plenty of beginner songs available to practice on.

What kind of reed does it have 

The comb comes in several different materials including wood, plastic and metal. Beginners tend to over blow or to push to much moisture into the harmonica. For wooden combs this can cause them to swell and can cause damage over time. This is less of an issue for plastic or metal combs.

What is a good price point 

Generally you want to stay away from the really cheap harmonicas. The chance of getting a poorly assembled harmonica goes up greatly the cheaper the harmonica. If a harmonica is not sealed correctly it will allow air to leak which will force you to over blow to compensate. This actually introduces bad habits and makes the learning process harder as you are struggling potentially with a flawed instrument.  The good news is that quality or even professional level harmonica’s are not that expensive and can usually be found between 25-50 U.S. Dollars.

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