Party decorations, Candles, Sweets, Candies and Cakes are all on your Christmas shopping list; and then there’s the gift list. The ages of recipients on your gift list can fall across the board, and brainstorming can be somewhat time consuming. Of course there are professional Gift Portals online such as the Spongelle, where you can find really awesome ready-made unique gifts and gift sets. Here are some ideas brainstormed for every age group:


Toys are the basic, common, and the enjoyable gifts at this age. The latest toy, video game or gadget will be, for a period of time, the coolest gift in their mind. Clothes are also a good gift; choose larger sizes rather than smaller because kids will grow. If you would like to introduce, or encourage hobbies consider: books, to encourage or if they have a reading hobby. Art sets, like clay modeling or painting; building blocks (i.e. Lego) are always a hit, because the sky is the limit to creating physical structures. Children, especially boys, will always enjoy gifts that promote physical activity. Foam football, soccer ball, or a plastic baseball set, etc.


Our society today is highly advanced in technology, and every new generation will bring on new innovations. That said, the latest technology is usually the biggest wish on the list for most teens – unless you know otherwise. Video games are always popular with boys, while everyone enjoys Wii Nintendo games. Latest movies or music can be downloaded and easily pirated in the days of the Internet, help encourage healthy entertainment consumption by purchasing DVDs or CDs for them. If you know they have a hobby or interest that would be a good starting point to focus. For sport lovers, consider equipment or sport wear. Again, clothing is also a common gift to give, along with nice accessories.

Young adults

The next working generation, fresh out of secondary schooling, jumping right into post-secondary education or the workforce. Leaving behind the youthful carefree days for adulthood, practical gifts can be better appreciated for this age. Gift certificates for select stores, or eateries are probably the best recommendation for those with a busy lifestyle, but also for those you are unsure of what to get. Clothing and accessories are always appreciated, as well as any work or hobby related items.

Adults, Parents, & Seniors

If you are in close relations with them you can probably find something that can be added to their home, or lifestyle. Gift baskets, bought or self-assembled, can work for a receiver of any relationship. If they have their own place, consider what they have and don’t have. If they have pets, consider a gift that will benefit both owner & animal.

For parents or relatives, memory related gifts are always touching and endearing. If you’re gifting for seniors, consider their hobbies, and physical capabilities. Those with limited movement can enjoy visual or audible gifts. Music from their generation is always memorable and pleasurable. One touch, or easy to use gadgets to make their life easier can be another option.

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