Obtaining a patent is an essential step to profiting from an invention, as it will ensure that no one else can steal your patent. However, the patent process is quite complicated. Applications must be filed through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

You can write this application yourself; however, the PTO has extremely specific requirements for the wording and format. If you don’t have any experience with patents, don’t understand the legal work involved, or don’t know to take advantage of a pending patent, this process is too complicated for you.

Even if your patent does get approved, a poorly written patent application can often be easily worked around by competitors, thereby diminishing the strength of your patent. For this reason it is strongly recommended that you hire a patent lawyer to write it as suggested on https://www.techtimes.com/articles/246245/20191127/why-inventhelp-is-essential-for-entrepreneurs.htm article.

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Even if you do write your own patent application, you should at least have a patent attorney review your application. The term of your patent will last until 20 years after the filing date of your application. The time in between the application filing date and the issue date is considered the “Patent Pending” phase. During this phase you do not yet have any rights to your invention; however, you may still earn royalties from it.

A patent lawyer or agent will be able to assist you with this. So how should you go about finding an attorney? Your idea is far too important to simply call the first patent lawyer in the phone book. You need an attorney who will be certain to work in your best interest. You can find some useful tips on https://www.state-journal.com/business/inventors-benefit-from-greater-resources-with-inventhelp/article_2ed00b0a-0a69-11ea-bce0-077a934cdaa3.html on finding the right lawyer or agency to represent you.

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