Patent is a legal right to protect copying of ideas or selling the product without the concern of the inventor. It is a license granted to the inventor of the product or idea. By obtaining a patent, the inventor has the right to refrain anyone from selling or using the invention without getting permission. It is a process to ensure that the valuable invention is free from any unauthorized use.

Getting a patent requires fees. The cost of getting a patent varies on the type of patent application as explained on There is also variation in the fee structure on the way of claiming the invention. However, there are three basic fees for obtaining a patent. One is the filling fee or the non-refundable fees. This is the cost of the patent observation.

The second is the issue fee, i.e., the fees paid when the patent filing is approved. The last is the maintenance fees, i.e., fees after the patent is granted. The costs and fees of getting a patent are briefly described in the below sections.

The payment of patent starts with the patentability search. This research is performed by patent attorneys. This is in brief the fees charged for the invention research. The attorney fees for the search process are relatively high. The cost of obtaining the patent information of the invention cost around $700.00 to $2000.00. This fee is avoidable by simply filing for the patent without patentability research.

If the above findings go on a favorable site, the inventor needs to prepare the patent application details. This process includes document that contains detail drawings of the product. The drawings should be professional, and it requires professional architects to come up with the unique drawing of the product. The charge of per drawing is estimated as $150.00. The next process is to get the issued patent of the state by paying $4,000.00 to $10000.00.

Patent application is a legal document that is prepared by patent lawyers. This contains detail description of the invention. A registered patent attorney is the only qualified person to prepare and present the details in the patent office as you can see from the article on The fees associated with the process of preparing and filing the patent cost approximately $4500 and $5500. The cost of fees of the patent also depends on the complexity and type of invention.

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