So you think that you are ready with your invention to be patented? And have gone through the entire process of patenting? Then relax, your job is done and now it is now patent examiner’s duty to complete the process.

Don’t be astonished to hear about patent examiner. The process of getting patent involves patent examination which is conducted by the patent examiner as you can read from this post.

A patent examiner has the sole responsibility to make sure that the claims made you are true and no information has been fabricated. He will use various tools to cross check your claims and would take the necessary decision of patenting.

There are four main responsibilities of patent examiners, which are mentioned below:

Reviewing the patent application: when one applies for the patent, an application is filled in which claims regarding the uniqueness of the invention are made. It is the responsibility of the patent examiner to ensure that the claims made by the applicants are true to the core. If it is fund that the claims are not true then the patent examiner has the right to reject the application.

Analyses the patent drawings: The patent examiner also checks the patent drawings attached with the application. The patent drawings are critically scrutinized by the patent examiner. As the sole responsibility of approving patent right is on the shoulders of patent examiner, he minutely observe the patent drawing and claims to make sure that both are compliment to each other.

Patent search: the patent examiner thoroughly conducts the patent search to make sure that the claims made by the applicants are true. The search is necessary as it helps in eradicating duplicity.

Examines eligibility of invention for patent: the patent examiner also makes sure that the invention thus applied for the patent matches the eligibility set by the legislation. More about it on It is required that the patents should meet the eligibility criteria, which means that the invention should be unique and useful.

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