Do you want to attract just anyone to your site, or do you want qualified traffic; people ready to buy what you’re selling? When you booked your last vacation, you probably typed in a specific phrase like, “extreme ski resorts” for a certain location. It’s unlikely you searched “travel” right before making that purchase. Long tail optimization capitalizes on specific phrases with low competition and potentially high conversion rates.

Seriously, when was the last time you searched “buy car” and then bought a car? So, what else is going on here? To the right you can see a dip in search frequency which levels off. This level, or long tail, consists of the less obvious, more specific phrases. This long tail area consists of less competition and a greater opportunity to generate income as explained in these Tips for SEO.

What is a Long Tail Phrase?

Long tail phrases:

Multi-word phrases of common terms
Searched less, but more specific
Have less competition
Are easier to rank for
Target qualified traffic
Can increase your conversion rate

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