It is undeniable that the cost of hiring patent attorneys is considerably high. However, nothing of value comes freely; you need to spend to get the desired outcomes from your invention. Most people compromise quality to save on expenditure and many American inventors would argue that it is the responsibility of the federal government to issue patents and thus do not see the need to seek the help of patent attorneys. Because of this argument by most American inventors, they directly file their patent applications with the government. Directly filing patent applications with the government is not hard provided you are well-versed in the following aspects.

Determining if the idea you have invented is patentable, the tips of exhausting a patent search, determining whether another inventor has patented the same idea before, evaluating the possibilities of your invention idea generating income, writing a detailed and comprehensive description of the idea you have developed, the ability of creating drawings that can clearly give a visual description of the creation, the ability of writing claims that will offer full protection to your invention against infringement and the knowledge of appropriately responding to objections by the United States Patent Office (or the patent office in your country of origin) to the application of your patent as described on

It is rare to come across an inventor with adequate knowledge on all the above aspects. However, if you have mastered all the above aspects, there is no doubt you will save a lot of money. Even with knowledge on all the above aspects, an inventor is bound to make mistakes and this is where the value of patent attorneys cannot be underestimated. What if your invention idea is quite disruptive? What if the idea has the capability to change whole industries? Do you proceed with the procedure of getting the utility patent single-handedly? An attorney is required in such a circumstance. You might still forge ahead without the assistance of an attorney, but what if you come to a realization that an opponent has identified a loophole that he can use to shun your invention’s patent claims? The opponent has now found an opportunity to make use of your idea and you cannot make any claims of compensation because of the existing loophole. If the opponent makes use of your idea, you are likely make losses amounting to millions and millions of shillings having spent handsomely on patent application.

With all the above problems and issues coming your way, you can be quite sure it’s almost impossible successfully patenting your product/idea without the involvement of patent attorneys or agencies, such as InventHelp. Even though such issues and problems can arise even with the involvement of patent attorneys, the chances of them arising are minimal when you involve these experts. Remember you are not their first client, which means they have experience in the field and they strive to leave no loophole uncovered. Besides offering the services to earn a living, patent attorneys are also concerned with building their reputation to safeguard their career. You can walk down the road single-handedly, but your invention is safer with them.

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