Tagging your Etsy items is one of the most important things you can do for your Etsy shop. This step is an essential part of listing your products as well as selling them. Think of it had was a tiny little keywords. You attach these keywords to items in your shop so that customers can find what you make.

The basic idea of keywords is that they are what customers are typing into search for the items they want. In order to help your products show up in the search results you need to make sure that you have proper keywords used as your tags as you can read from this Best selling products on Etsy article.

Research Your Target Audience

It is very important to sit down and take the time to figure out how you’re going to tag your products and items correctly so that potential buyers can easily find your shop and your items. First and foremost need to make sure the you are using all 13 of your tags. Also keep in mind that each tag has a 20 character limit.

Your first had should be the category of your item. Etsy will pre-fill in your first three tags which will not count for the 13 A. you get to place. The first three Todd will be the category and the two subsequent subcategories if you choose those. This means you will no longer have to place in your tag the category or subcategory.

You can play around with different listings as well and put them in different categories. After you have listed them make sure to check both listings and see which one has the most views and favorites.

Keep in mind that the order of your tags doesn’t really matter just make sure you use all 13.

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