It takes a lot of brainstorming and a considerable amount of hard work to come up with a good idea. And, what if this idea is stolen by someone? That is perhaps the last thing that you would want. To prevent your idea from being misused, patenting your idea becomes quite important. The process of patenting an idea can be quite lengthy and may turn out to be more difficult than you may think.

The first step in the direction of patenting an idea is to hire a patent lawyer. A patent must be written carefully to protect your idea well. It is for this reason that hiring a competent and honest patent lawyer becomes more than just important. However, this can be a little expensive. Patent lawyers charge on an hourly basis, so their total fees amount is going to be a considerable figure. In case, you don’t know much about patent lawyers, then you could check out the list available on the patent office site.

Typically, the procedure for patenting an idea begins with filing the patent application. This form can be procured from the United States Patent Office. This form will require you to fill in your basic contact information along with the name of the invention. You will also have to outline the overall concept of the patent in this form along with mentioning how it is different from other patents. When filling in this form, you need to give special emphasis to the date. It is the date on the patent form that determines who patented a particular idea first as you can see from

can you patent an idea

After the application is received by the patent office, you will receive a confirmation for the same. This confirmation states the reviewer for a particular application. In most cases, the patent is not awarded in the first instance. It may be rejected by the reviewer in the first instance.

There may be several submissions and rejections before the patent is finally awarded. This may require months of correspondence so you will have to be a little patient with the entire process. The competence of your patent lawyer also goes at length in determining the number of times your plea for patenting is rejected. A good lawyer may help you get the patent in a couple of hearings itself.

The process of patenting an idea may be quite difficult and lengthy. But, it is all worth it as you get to protect the idea that you worked hard upon. And, if you have the right legal help at your aid as  explained in, it may not be too difficult to get one either.

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