May it be an important client pitch, a CEOs presentation or a business proposal, these 7 vital questions will decide the Fate of your Presentation:

Do you know the client audience well?

Make sure you know their background and their level of knowledge & understanding. If you’re pitching to a client, you might also have some smart guests (called Presentation Pests) so you better be prepared for what you need to say to them & what you should NOT say to them at all.

Have you organized the topic into subtopics?

Don’t assume your audience knows the topic as good as you! Most of the times they hardly do. Arranging topics & slides properly will ensure smooth delivery of concepts.

Have you listed the details YOU need to remember?

Make sure you are updated with recent statistical data on your topic, shall you be challenged by an oversmart manager!

Have you outlined the story & talk on cards, on a notepad or in a script?

Sometimes, when the topics are too detailed, its better to have small cards or script notes to ensure you don’t miss to deliver tiny important points. Having a story line adds a bit of a drama and creates more interest!

Have you selected the best visuals?

Make sure your pictures are not mere thumbnails stretched to full screen, not having other company’s logos on it. Choosing the perfect picture takes a lot more than just matching the topic & story, at times you need to consider the emotion, expression and gestures too. Probably, you may find it effective having a slide with a picture & a one-liner to grab attention.

Does everyone on the team understand what they are to do?

When presenting in a group, ensure that everyone in your team is in the same boat.

Has your team practiced the talk, the value-add lines and conducted a rehearsal?

While delivering your presentation, if you are demonstrating a product with the help of a team, I highly recommend to do at least 2 rehearsals before you go live! This will aid in better co-ordination and understanding between the team members while on stage. Make sure each team members remembers their lines and also their peers in-case they need a backup.

These are just the basic steps, if you are serious about your presentation skills you should consider taking a presentation skills training course where you will really improve your skills.

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