The desire to enable a healthier lifestyle, concern for the ethical treatment of animals, personal religious beliefs and any number of other issues may lead an individual toward a vegan diet, however there are several vegetarian types that demand exploration prior to determining which specific diet is a good fit. Switching eating habits can be a struggle in the best case scenario, and in selecting a vegetarian diet considerable thought must be implemented to ensure that the one chosen is enjoyable and easily followed without distress.

There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with any type of vegan diet choice, the preponderance of both being mainly associated with general health. A vegan diet of any type is certain to raise the level of dietary fibers consumed, lower overall caloric and fat intake, reduce chances of obesity and cardiovascular issues and lower certain cancer risks. On the downside a vegetarian diet requires specific planning to ensure that all dietary requirements are met in adequate amounts, that is why you need the best vegan meat, and as such close attention to nutritional aspects are necessary on a continuing basis to prevent nutritional deficiencies from occurring.

In it’s most true sense a purely vegan diet consists of only consuming plant based foods, meaning that all types of animal products are excluded from any use whatsoever. This is expanded to include just about every product derived from animals in every aspect of life – cosmetics, soaps, clothing, and fashion accessories made from any animal are avoided.

A Flexitarian or semi-vegetarian diet allows for the consumption of animal products of all types in accordance with individual preferences, generally limited in consumption, quantity and combination. This is perhaps the most agreeable vegan diet plan for those wishing to enjoy the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle without deviating too much from a more diverse range of food choices.

When considering any vegetarian diet it is prudent to become knowledgeable in general nutrition and the food choices that are the core of each type of diet lifestyle. As a matter of personal choice it would behoove an individual to select the diet that is most easily followed and in most instances this is the Flexitarian or semi-vegetarian diet. This is a wonderful place to begin in exploring a vegetarian lifestyle in that it allows for the individual to decide when to be a strict vegetarian and when to cheat a little for a short time to fulfill temporary cravings. It also represents a great way to explore vegan recipes and food sources that may be new, determining which are favorable and which are not of use.

Lastly, it is a smart move to protect your health by seeking the advice of a registered nutritionist prior to embarking on any type of vegetarian diet plan. Because human nutrition requirements are so vast in scope a small amount of professional guidance can make the implementation of a vegan diet a smoother and healthier transition.

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