You should make choice to file a patent. You can hire a lawyer. If you hire a lawyer, you have to spend money. The minimum fee of patent lawyer is 5000 dollars. The process of filing patent is the same even, if you do not hire a lawyer.

To file patent is a lengthy process. It takes 12 to 18 months for the patent examiner to give the final decision. You have to do research before filing patent. It is an important step.

The invention should be patentable. Conduct thorough examination of all the technical aspects. Study previous patents and check differences. If patent authority approves, then the application is drafted. You can read a more detailed guide on as well.

patent application

The application is filed at USPTO. You should file a full regular patent application. You can also file provisional patent application. PPA will allow you to claim patent pending the status of the invention.

The cost is less in this case. The fee is 60 dollars. For the large companies it is $160 . You have to describe invention in detail with informal drawings. a

The patent attorney should give examiner all the details of invention. The details have to be accompanied by some drawings. Also, set of claims has to be discussed. Claims form the basis of patent rights.

Patent is issued, if application is successful. If it is not, inventor can appeal to board of appeals. If it is rejected, the final appeal is made at the US Court of Appeals as you can read from in details.

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